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#9 Hylke Kramer
Faction member Lijst Calimero

Why am I a candidate?

As a faction member of Lijst Calimero for the past year, I have experienced how much we can contribute to improving your education in the University Council. We have secured an additional 5 million euros for small-scale education, so you can get more feedback from your teacher. We have secured more student psychologists, so that students no longer have to wait 8 weeks to receive the help they need. We deliver a better UG! Choose quality, vote Calimero.

Why vote for me?

Every year, students in Groningen are walking on the the streets without a room at the start of the academic year. The RUG is growing faster than it can handle, which means that lecture halls are over-crowded, there is almost no place in the UB and students can't always get the feedback from teachers they need. This is happening while the RUG spends 750,000 euros on marketing every year to attract more students. The priorities are wrong. The RUG must be a better host for the students.
I am committed to ensure a sustainable UG, so that the UG is a place where everyone feels at home and everyone can get the feedback they need from their teacher.

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