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#2 Lennard Pierey
Faculty Council UMCG

Why am I a candidate?

I am a candidate for Lijst Calimero, because this is the only party who actively works for the quality of your education & your diploma!
I believe in a green & more importantly an inclusive university, where no one is left behind. Hence, I strive for a city in which ALL students have proper housing. Additionally, I believe the University should take responsibility for mental & physical wellbeing of students, which is something Lijst Calimero has focused on in recent years.

Why vote for me?

A vote for me, is a vote for quality of education & your diploma! Also, Lijst Calimero's got some tremendous plans for the university: for example, I would like to focus on better support for student health & wellbeing. Mental wellbeing is already focused on a bit (through the Wellbeing week Lijst Calimero organized!), but I would also like to focus on physical wellbeing of students; for example, the University could appoint some dietary and lifestyle coaches for students. The last 2 years, I've been active in the Faculty council of the Faculty of Medical Sciences. I'm focused on recruiting extra language teachers for international students. I've worked to support internship opportunities for all students, especially for those who would like to go abroad. Currently, I am also actively working on improving study facilities (the moving of the CMB included), and to add extra facilities to other libraries, i.e. extra microwaves, double monitors on computers & the bike stalling situation.

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