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Next year, we want to improve...

What you study

In an ever-changing world, our university has to adapt to these changes and prepare students for their future career.

How you study

Students should always be at the centre of learning. Furthermore, the university should keep innovating its education.

Where you study

Students can only study successfully in an environment in which challenges and relaxation are balanced.

Our candidates

1 Floor Buigel

International Financial Mangement
Faculty Council FEB

2 Lennard Pierey

Faculty Council UMCG

3 Vera Spanjer

European Languages and Cultures
Chair Esperia

4 Bagus Hadiredjo

International & European Law
VP Academics ELSA

5 Fleur Renkema

American Studies
Vice chair & secretary EPU

6 Matthias Luiks

History & Philosophy
Faculty Council Philosophy

7 Hilde-Marije de Jong

International & European Law
Abactis G.S.Z. Mayday & faction member PR

8 Shanira Maduro

International Business
Think Thank Lijst Calimero

Our support list

“With their focus on educational quality and student life, Lijst Calimero improves your student life in Groningen, making sure that you can develop yourself as best as possible, both professionally and socially.”

Naila Loudini


“They have made sure student psychologists have been hired, a reflection room has been created in the University library and 5 million euros are spent additionally to improve the student-staff ratio. Do you want to be sure of a high valued diploma and a healthy study environment? Vote Lijst Calimero!”

Wibo Ypma

Chair PM

“As a former Board member of a small association I know that Lijst Calimero is not in it for the easy gains, but has a serious and equal commitment to everybody. Because of my involvement with international affairs in- and outside Groningen I also know that Lijst Calimero looks forward to cross boundaries, but never at the cost of student or city.”

Jochem Lammersma

International Relations