9 Marwa Mejalad

My name is Marwa Mejalad, I am 22 years old and I study Dentistry.
Next year, I want to invest in a student-centered environment, so that they can develop their selves optimally. Your student time is a very busy time with a lot of new experiences coming at you. During this time, students often have to cope with study related issues that, if not tackled, can lead to serious damage to people's mental health. Often, such problems are disrespected or left unspoken about. However, a healthy mental state is the essential foundation that you can build on. Without this stable foundation, the work you do will be less efficient and powerful. That is why I plead for an optimal study environment, in which students get all the attention they need to improve their selves. Vote for Lijst Calimero, in order to make this happen!

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