6 Hylke Kramer
Booker Stukafest

Hello! My name is Hylke Kramer, I am 21 years old and I study Economics & Business Economics. Next to my study, I play in a band and I am in the board for Stukafest, a cozy festival for which I had the honour to book the artists for the last edition.

I believe it is important for students to develop themselves as critical thinkers. This is why I think interdisciplinary learning is very important. The Interdisciplinary minors and Learning Communities help to develop soft skills like creative thinking and teamwork, which are very valuable for your future career. But not every students has access to these, so I think it is important that these will be available for everyone and that the choice of subjects will be broadened. That way, students will be prepared for their future career with a comprehensive and critical view on the problems they will face.

This is also what brought me to Lijst Calimero: the party that improves the quality of your education with a critical and yet constructive view. I would like to devote my time in improving the quality of education for you. I have made my choice, now it’s time to make yours.

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