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#6 Matthias Luijks
Faculty Council Philosophy

Why am I a candidate?

Are you also disappointed when professors do not have time for you? Are you also sad that professors are overworked? As if studying is not hard enough already. We, of Lijst Calimero, have arranged 5 million euros for the faculties to solve these problems last year. And so we march on: Next year more money for education! This year I was a member of the faculty council of Philosophy. Serving our community of our university in the University council was the logical next step.

Why vote for me?

The marketing budget to attract new students for the university is 750.000 euros. New international students are recruited, while there is not enough housing available. Priorities seem to be mismanaged. We have responsibility to make sure there is adequate housing for internationals. We think the university should make this a priority, before making the university grow more. If market forces do not build enough, the university must build. Building a better university together: vote Calimero!
I am Matthias Luijks and I study History at the faculty of Arts and Philosophy of a Specific Discipline at Philosophy. At the faculty of Arts I see the budget cuts have diminished the faculty. At Philosophy I see how special small scale education is. At the Central level I see there is too much attention for buzzwords. This goes at the expense of education. You can spend your money only once: More money to education. My mission is: A decentralized university with education at its center.

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