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#59 Henrieke Polinder
Internal Chair Lijst Calimero

Why am I a candidate?

I am a supporter of Lijst Calimero because they are the party that gets to the point: improvement of the quality of education and improvement of the study environment at the University of Groningen. They do so by evaluating policy critically, and staying in touch with the Board as well as the students of the UG. Moreover, Lijst Calimero values diversity and representation They really listens to the students and take their problems into account.

Why vote for me?

If you vote for me, you contribute to the work of Lijst Calimero. We work to improve the quality of your education and a study environment in which you can develop optimally. I have been working for this in the past year, by fixing more student psychologists at the UG and by making sure the extra money that was invested at the UG was invested in improving the quality of your education. With your vote we can continue this next year. Vote therefore Lijst Calimero, because we deliver a better UG.

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