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#53 Jaime Fernández Bimbo

Why am I a candidate?

Since I first started in RUG as an exchange student I realized how special this University was. Later, I settled in this amazing city and I figured that I had to give something in return to a University that has given me everything. That is why I joined Lijst Calimero as a support lister. I chose them because they are a party that I trust to represent my interests, among others, as an international student.

Why vote for me?

Voting for me means voting for the best party. Lijst Calimero is very active. They stay in touch with a lot of organizations in Groningen and therefore knows what matters to students. I always had good conversations with them about the internationalization of the city. What I really like from them is that they ask for my views and are taking into account what matters to me. In the past year Calimero achieved a lot when it comes to the developments.
Some examples are the following: more psychology students and from FSE have been hired, a reflection room has been created in the University library and the second edition of the Wellbeing week has taken place. A newminor in Rhetorics has been developed and 5 million euros are spent additionally to improve the student-staff ratio. They are really hard workers.
Calimero delivers a better RUG, therefore, vote Lijst Calimero.

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