5 Stan Wolbers
Faction chair PSB

Dear UG-student,

My name is Stan Wolbers, I am 22 years old, and am currently in my third year of academic teacher training for primary education, and chairman of PSB, the largest faction of the Faculty Council of Behavioural and Social Sciences. Next year, I would like to represent you in the University Council on behalf of Lijst Calimero.

Education and policy-making have always interested me. Being in the University Council would therefore be the perfect preparation for the life I would like to build for myself.

I believe in small-scale and personalised education, as all students are unique and learn in their own way. I believe it is imperative that we can all study in an environment that prepares us for our future career. And finally, I believe that I can defend those ideals for all UG-students on behalf of Lijst Calimero in the University Council. Do you believe in me?

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