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#4 Bagus Hadiredjo
Vice President Academics ELSA

Why am I a candidate?

I grew up in a community where we uphold that diversity is something which unites us; creating a sense of belonging with each other. In fact, a diverse and inclusive environment fosters a culture of respect and accepting individual differences. Often times, when we talk about inclusivity, especially inclusive education, we tend to forget about the right for minorities. This has to change now and I found Lijst Calimero as the most suitable student party to achieve this goal.

Why vote for me?

You may call me Bagus or Hadi, whichever suits you. Being more than 6000 miles away from Indonesia, leaving your family and friends behind to pursue higher education in the Netherlands was the hardest yet the most rewarding decision I have ever made. I came here to study International and European law in the hope that I will take a valuable diploma with me. However, this can only be done if the quality of our education is inclusive and belonging.

Together with Lijst Calimero, we will ensure that educators have the training, flexibility, and resources to teach students with diverse needs and learning styles. You will hear me say this, again and again, people just like me and YOU make our education inclusive and belonging! So I need your votes to help us to achieve this. Inclusive education is a choice; so choose Lijst Calimero.

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