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#35 Balázs Markos

Why am I a candidate?

I've been interested in law since I was 12 years old. Due to my special needs, I've always felt connected to minorities and disabled people. My plan is to make the university, and the society in general, a place which provides equal opportunities to everyone. Being an international student with a physical disability is a challenging and unique experience both for the university and for me - I'm glad to share my insight with others and contribute to the development of our community.

Why vote for me?

As a student of International & European Law, I'm equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to participate successfully in the struggle for equal opportunities. I'm a hard-working person who never loses the focus on important issues. I'm eager to listen to everyone's ideas, as I think we can learn a lot from each other. I already have some experience in politics: I spoke at demonstrations and appeared in political talk-shows in Hungary.

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