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#34 Fenna Beentjes
Secretary VESTING

Why am I a candidate?

As students we eventually all face similar trials: applying our knowledge in a meaningful way. Our most valuable resource during this process is of course our diploma. The value of this diploma stands or falls with the quality of education. I support Lijst Calimero, because they are a party that delivers a better University and I know they have in-dept knowledge and act with the interests of students in mind.

Why vote for me?

When our student days are over, we need to have a valuable diploma in our pocket. During this academic year, my role as a secretary of the VESTING Board showed me a lot about what Calimero does for the students and the quality of education at the RUG. Lijst Calimero stays in touch with a lot of organizations in Groningen and therefore knows what matters to students.

In the past year Calimero also achieved a lot when it comes to the developments on the topic of mental wellbeing of students and small-scale education. I have noticed within VESTING that many students benefit from these developments. More student psychologists have been hired, the second edition of the Wellbeing week has taken place and 5 million euros are spent additionally to improve the student-staff ratio.

Calimero delivers a better UG, therefore, vote Lijst Calimero.

Vote Fenna