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#33 Mohammed Basuhail
Vice President Saudi Student Club

Why am I a candidate?

During this academic year, I’ve been in touch with members of Lijst Calimero because of my role in the Saudi Student Club. They were very enthusiastic to hear about the views and needs of international students in general and Saudi students in particular.

Why vote for me?

In the past two years, the Saudi Student Club was trying to convince the university to create a praying area in the university library (UB). Recently, the UB opened a reflection room. The help of our friends in Lijst Calimero was crucial to achieve that. We are still working together to further improve the reflection room to accommodate the different needs of the students.
Lijst Calimero believes that students can only succeed in an environment in which relaxations and challenges are balanced. Therefore, in addition to creating the reflection room, they made sure more student psychologists are hired and Wellbeing weeks are organized.

Calimero delivers a better UG, vote Lijst Calimero.

Vote Mohammed