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#32 Karlijn Niezing
Vice Chair RISK

I am on the support list of Lijst Climero because this is the party that I trusts with my interests. In the past few months, I have been in contact with Hylke Poorting as the chairman of Risk. I have learnt about what Lijst Calimero does for the students. This is the party that delivers a better UG and they take well-thought out decisions with the students in mind. Lijst Calimero keeps close contact with many associations in the city. As a result, Lijst Calimero is well informed about the trending topics among students. With regards to study associations, I have always had good conversations with Hylke. Additionally, they actively ask what I find important and support me in my activities. In the past year, Lijst Calimero has achieved a lot in the fields of mental wellbeing and smallscale education. Two importants that are incredibly important. Additionally, they have hired more student psychologists, opened a reflection room and organised the second edition of the Wellbeing week.

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