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#31 Wibo Ypma
Chair PM

Why am I a candidate?

During this academic year, I’ve been in contact with Calimero because of my role as chairman of Study Association PM. During this contact they showed me a lot about what Calimero does for all UG students. I discovered their critical and thoughtful attitude with respect to the UG and saw they made proper decisions. I know they thave in-dept knowledge and act with the interests of students in mind. This made that I recognised my way of thinking in them and therefore I support Lijst Calimero.

Why vote for me?

Lijst Calimero attaches great importance to maintaining contact with all parties involved at the UG, and aims especially attention to all students. Their method of working is future-oriented which ensures that your diploma is not only valued today, but also tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. During this academic year I had good conversations with Hylke Kramer, faction member of Lijst Calimero.
He told me about developments in the University Council, the quality of education and the importance of a healthy environment. They made sure student psychologists have been hired, a reflection room has been created in the University library and 5 million euros are spent additionally to improve the student-staff ratio. Do you want to be sure of a high valued diploma and a healthy environment? Vote Lijst Calimero!

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