3 Reinier Alberts
Secretary O&O Council

Hi! I’m Reinier and I’m a third-year medical student. I’m trying to make the best of my student life. I’m a member of the GSV, but beside that I’m active as a student representative in the past three years. In the coming year I want to continue this at Lijst Calimero.
Thanks to my contacts I notice a lot of obstacles for many students. I’m trying to focus and analyse this, so I can reach the core of the problem. Because I’m not treating the symptoms, but the disease.
Next year I want to represent all the students. With my analytic and clinical point of view I want to make the UG a better and a nicer place for all of you. In the upcoming year I will focus on the mental health of students. But this can only be done if you vote for me.
So, vote Lijst Calimero!!

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