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#28 Naila Loudini

Why am I a candidate?

I want to defend students’ interests to contribute in the best way to their developments within the university. In that regard, working with Lijst Calimero is one of the best way to do it. It's the party that delivers a better University and I know they have in-dept knowledge and act with the interests of students in mind. I am confident that we will be achieving great things to better the life of students and make a real difference.

Why vote for me?

By voting for me, you can be sure that concrete actions will be taken to improve your student experience at Groningen. Lijst Calimero has already achieved a lot when it comes to the developments on the topic of mental wellbeing of students and small-scale education. These are subjects that matter to me as a student. Lijst Calimero delivers in fact a better University, and by voting for me you'll be helping us in making a real impact.

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