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#26 Christiaan Brinkhuis

Why am I a cadidate?
I support Lijst Calimero because common sense is and remains necessary in the University Council. No empty slogans and shouting, but thinking along constructively and critically.

Why vote for me?

the University Council, you attain your goals by adapting a critical
attitude, which means thinking along and negotiating. Due to long-term
experience, Calimero knows how to turn wishes into policies.
Furthermore, she’s always in touch with her supporters and thus knows
what is going on among students. When I was a board member of the
Groningen Students’ Union and CUOS, I got to know Calimero as a party
distinguishing itself by that very attitude. That’s how you represent
students’ interests.

Calimero delivers a better UG, therefore, vote Lijst Calimero!

Vote Christiaan