26 Judith van Ekeren
Chair Study Association PM

Why should you vote in the elections for the University Council? Simple really: because with your vote, you decide who can look critically towards the quality of our university. Is this guaranteed if the UG opens a branch campus in China, does the FEB lose good teachers then? If all study programs get taught in English, does that leave anything of the Dutch character of programs such as accountancy & controlling? How do you, as a student, make sure that your (financial) study programme doesn’t give you too much pressure, and that you stay mentally spirited?
At the beginning of my board year at PM, I knew Calimero as a small chick, and I found the University Council elections quite complex. Now I know that Calimero provides an incredibly valuable contribution. They stand for things that are experienced as self-evident: a valuable diploma, and a future prospect. Do you think this is important as well? Then vote!

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