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#19 Mirjam Kalisvaart
Chair ProMove

I am on the support list of Lijst Calimero because they are the party that I trust with my interests. In the past year, I have been in close contact with Reinier Alberts as the chairman of ProMove. Here, I have learnt a lot about what Lijst Calimero does for the students. This party delivers a better UG and I am certain that they take the right decisions for students. Lijst Calimero has a close connection with many associations in the city. As a result, they are well informed about the trending topics among students. In regards to trending topics within the Medical Faculty and university wide topics, I have always been able to have a constructive conversation with Lijst Calimero. Additionally, Reinier has always showed an interest towards the topics that I find important, and the topics that they believe will be of benefit towards me. In the previous year, Lijst Calimero has achieved a lot in the fields of smallscale education and mental wellbeing. These two topics are incredible important. More student psychologists have been hired, the reflection room pilot has started and the second edition of the Wellbeing week took place. In addition, they have developed the new Rhetorics minor. Lastely, they have increased the budget for teachers with five million euros. As a result, there is more individual attention for the students.

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