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#16 Annemarie Doze

Why am I a candidate?

I support Lijst Calimero, because they are a party that I trust to represent my interests as a student. During this academic year, I’ve been in contact with Henrieke and Lennard because of my role as Chemistry student. This showed me a lot about what Calimero does for the students. I believe that Calimero helps to get a better University and I know they have in-dept knowledge and act with the interests of students in mind.

Why vote for me?

Lijst Calimero stays in touch with a lot of organisations in Groningen and therefore knows what matters to students. I always had good conversations with them about internationalization, mental wellbeing and the general study programmes. They ask for my views and are taking into account what matters to me.

In the past year Calimero achieved a lot when it comes to the developments on the topic of mental wellbeing of students and small-scale education. These are subjects that matter to me as a student. More student psychologists have been hired, a reflection room has been created in the University library and the second edition of the Wellbeing week has taken place. A new minor in Rhetorics has been developed.

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