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#1 Floor Buigel
Faculty Council FEB

Why am I a candidate?

In the upcoming year I want to devote myself to every student at the university in order to create the inclusive and sustainable community the RUG wishes to be. With Lijst Calimero we wish to stick up for every student: international or Dutch, students with a disability or not. The university should, whatever the cost, keep up the quality of education and research. Also, they should be responsible for every student on cases like housing, student well-being and their future.

Why vote for me?

A vote for me means trust in a party which has real content. Lijst Calimero finds challenging, interesting and stimulating education incredibly important, which is our number one priority. Besides, Lijst Calimero is not afraid to take a critical position to protect and implement the student interests. We focus among other things on interdisciplinairy education, small scale education and extracurricular activities for ECTS.

As number one on the list I will do everything I can to take a stand for the wellfare of the students and prolong the work of Lijst Calimero. In the end it is all about your education and development!

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